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UPDATE: We will be closing registration soon, because we are near the maximum number of attendees we can accommodate. If you are registering more than 3 people, please contact us to check if there are still seats available for your whole group.

Registration for our 23-24 May 2024 conference in Chicago (Gleacher Center) is now open. The prices below are guaranteed not to change.


Please note that as we move closer to the event date, we may close the registration again this year, if we sell out. If that happens, we will announce it here. But as of now, the registration is still open. 


Please be advised that automated discount eligibility checks are in place. In case of erroneously applied discounts, an additional later payment will have to be made for the ticket to be valid. Below are ways you can get a discount off of the regular price for a single ticket.

  • Early Registration: Discount for registering early.

  • Two Passes: Discount for two attendees from the same company.

  • Three or more passes: Discount for three or more attendees from the same company.

  • Academic, Gov't, nonprofit Pass: Discount for full-time employees of academic institutions, the government, not-for-profit and non-profit organizations.

  • Loyalty Discount: A flat $100 discount for those who attended any of our previous conferences. The attendee name, irrespective of current employer, is what's checked for eligibility for the loyalty discount. At checkout, click on Enter a Promo Code and type 'LOYAL' . The Loyalty Discount can be applied on top of group discounts above.

  • One-day passes are also available (half price). Please contact us for the coupon code.


All tickets above provide full access to the conference, i.e., we don't have different levels of experience, it's one conference, same for all. Each ticket comes with the same presentations and Q&A, access to slide decks, networking opportunity, breakfast, lunch. snack breaks, network drinks, etc. Purchasing a pass means you agree to our Terms & Conditions. Our FAQ Section is also up-to-date with lots of relevant information. For pictures and videos of past events, please check out our Pictures page.

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