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Registration for 14-15 May 2020, Chicago

Registration for our May 14-15, 2020 event in Chicago (Gleacher Center) is now open.


A live streaming ticket means that you will be joining the conference online on your browser (we will send you a link). You will be able to see the presentation slides, hear the presenter, see the presenter and/or audience via a camera at the center of the conference room, and ask any questions via text or using your microphone. Pretty much like any business/corporate conference meeting, only run by professional staff.

To purchase a Live Steaming pass (ticket), first add the appropriate ticket below to your cart. At checkout, click on Enter a Promo Code and type 'LIVE_STREAMING' (case insensitive).

You can always convert your Live Streaming Ticket to a regular, onsite ticket, by paying the difference before Tuesday, April 28, 2020.



If it's only you registering, please add a Single Pass to your cart and proceed to checkout. If you are attending with others, please select the Discount Pass for two (2) or three plus (3+) attendees. If you are a full-time faculty member, student, government or nonprofit employee, please select Discount Pass Single Other. More information is shown after you click on each pass button. For more information on our discounts please visit our FAQ. 

A flat $100 Loyalty Discount is available for persons who previously attended The Data Science Conference®. It applies to the person, not their company (the attendee name, not the company name, is checked against previous registrations). It can be applied on top of all other discounts. To apply it to your pass, first add a pass below to your cart. At checkout, click on Enter a Promo Code and type 'LOYAL' . If you are purchasing multiple tickets, but need to apply the Loyalty Discount only to some, use LOYAL2, LOYAL3, ..., etc. For example, if six (6) are attending this time, of which 4 attended before, add six (6) with the "3+ Discount" and then apply the LOYAL4 Promo Code.   

One-day passes are also available (half price). Please contact us for the coupon code.


Each pass comes with full access to the conference, i.e., breakfast/lunch/network drinks, all presentations and access to their slide decks. Purchasing a pass means you agree to our Terms & Conditions. Our FAQ section is also up-to-date.