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Academic, Gov't, Nonprofit, May Chicago 2024


If you are eligible for the loyalty discount, you can add it to this pass/ticket by entering the promo code 'LOYAL' at checkout (after you add this pass to cart and proceed to checkout).

The following discounts apply for this registration:
ACADEMIC: Full-time University and College employees (faculty members and staff) and full-time students
GOVERNMENT: Full-time government employees
NONPROFITS: Full-time employees of nonprofit organizations/corporations

There are two ways to check out:
1. You may add more than one ticket on this cart and pay the full sum, or
2. Pay for your own ticket ($1,250) now, then ask the other attendees to register separately.

If you are registering more than one person (#1 above), you will need to know how they want their name and company name printed on their name tag. Please reuse the same form to enter the other attendees' Badge Information (you will be redirected there after you complete your payment).

Academic, Gov't, Nonprofit, May Chicago 2024

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