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Alessandro Panella

Data Science Manager 

at Facebook

Jim Guszcza 5 (3).jpg

James Guszcza

US Chief Data Scientist

at Deloitte Consulting

jean-francois plante.jpg

Jean-François Plante

Professeur titulaire

at HEC Montréal

Mario Jimenez 3.jpg

Mario Jimenez

Head of Risk Analytics

at Nasdaq

Michael Tsiappoutas 2.jpg

Michael Tsiappoutas

Founder and Chair,

The Data Science Conference®


Robert Nendorf

SVP, Head of Data & Analytics

at General Motors Insurance

Don Dini 5.jpg

Don Dini

Machine Learning 

at Apple AI/ML

Jamie Antonelli.jfif

Jamie Antonelli

Senior Manager of Data Science at Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Jeff Headd.jfif

Jeff Headd

VP of Commercial Data Science

at Janssen Pharmaceutical


Marjolijn Bruggeling 

Associate Director of Policing Innovation and Reform at the University of Chicago Crime Lab

Rebecca Hutchinson 5 (2).jpg

Rebecca Hutchinson

Big Data Lead at the United States Census Bureau

Shaddy Abado.jpg

Shaddy Abado

Lead Data Scientist

at Ulta Beauty

Douglas Hamilton 12.jpg

Douglas Hamilton

Chief Data Scientist



Jean Czerlinski Ortega

Software Engineer

at Google

Lakshmi Ravi.jpg

Lakshmi Ravi

Applied Scientist II

at Amazon


Michael Jaron

Data Group Manager

at Citi



Robert Grossman

Partner, Analytic Strategy Partners and Director, Center for Translational Data Science, Univ. of Chicago


Sina Djali

Head of Integrated Clinical & Operations Analytics
at Jansen Pharmaceuticals

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