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© 2015-2019 The Data Science Conference® is a registered trademark of NeoNorm, LLC. 

This conference provides a vendor-free, sponsor-free, and recruiter-free meeting space for data scientists. 

Advisory board, speakers, and attendees come from all fields of business analytics and academia like data science, big data, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, or predictive modeling. What brings them here is their common desire to attend an event without being prospected by other attendees.

Our upcoming conference is Chicago, May 14-15, 2020, at Gleacher Center (entire 6th floor like last time).


The Data Science Conference is a uniquely excellent conference.   The organizers curate a great mix of topics.  Whether it's talks about Attention and Reinforcement from the bleeding edge AI, novel applications of Machine Learning to AgTech, or the musings of industry leaders on the future of data science education I'm sure I'll be hearing something interesting.  Moreover, the informed and passionate attendees not trying to sell you anything guarantees a fun networking session!

The Data Science Conference stands in a unique place – industry-focused yet academic, emphasizing real-world solutions while eschewing advertising pitches. I always leave feeling smarter and more motivated than when I entered.

The Data Science Conference lives up to its definite article.  It’s a high-quality event that delivers loads of substance and a multitude of perspectives, without distracting hype and sales pitches.  Highly recommended.

In data science, there are plenty of junk conferences, where two-thirds of the talks are sales pitches for the sponsoring company, and where you discover the person you’re trying to network with suddenly gives you a hard sales pitch. The Data Science Conference provides an environment that is sorely needed - where every presentation is an example of cutting edge work being done, and where everyone you run into is your peer. It also doesn’t hurt that the food is outstanding.

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This professional-only conference puts “science” back into data science conferences while creating a ‘safe haven’ meeting space. No sales pitches; no sponsor booths; no recruiting; no overcharging you; no paid advertising; no email needed to see agenda/speakers; no selling your info; no extra charge for presentation slides. This is a conference, not an Expo.

This is our fourth conference. Our first conference sold out and the second one almost sold out too (Archive page). Please note our newly implemented discounts in our Registration page.

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